Idea of one thought, task, opinion is sweet – Baba Bulleh Shah

Today is my 11th day of being jobless. I am sitting in Dubai. Today, my interview was held. It was good, but not exceptional. I prepared a lot. After the interview, negative thoughts came into my mind. This results in sadness and depression.

What if I start to think in the opposite direction? Instead, I thought I would not be selected as a candidate. What if I think positively?

I will be hired or not, but it will help me stay calm in the present moment.

At that moment, Baba Bulleh Shah’s 250-year-old poem came to mind. Its talks about the follow-through of one idea.

Alif Allah Alif Allah Nal rataa dil meraa,

Menu Bai di khabar naa kaii..

Bai parhiyaan menu samajh naa aavey,

Main lazzat Alaf di paayi..

Aina Te gainaa nuu main samajh na jaana, Gal Alaf samjhaaii..

Bulleyaa Kaul Alaf De Purey,

Jehrey Dil Di Karan Safaaii.. SAI

One place I read Alif Ishaqa raata dil mera

But here, Baba Bulleh Shah uses the word Allah. One idea starts with Allah’s name.

The basic theme here is oneness; focus on one idea. There is no duel inside you. Either I have to do it or not do it.

If Allah or Ishaq, both ideas stand for firmness.

Ishaq is an extreme form of love that occurs when I and you become one.

So how is this poem still relevant? How it will give me an advantage in life

One thing at a time, one idea, one firm idea, or a single decision

Always work on a single task; there is no multitasking or dueling thoughts when taking decisions.

It’s my understanding. My heart belongs to oneness. I cannot understand the second opinion or thought. Duality means a second thought. We have thoughts about positive outcomes as well as negative outcomes.

And this second thought of negative output breaks us and does not take us action.

I love the idea of following a single thought. And this thought brought me to Alif.

Before taking action, the idea of failure and success has less meaning. This idea I understand from the concept of Alif.

But, bulleh yaha, you confirm that the idea of one thought will lead to success; it is a promise. But for this, you have to clear your heart of hate, jealousy, and disheartiness, and clear the thought of a second opinion of failure.

The idea is simple: choose one path, make one decision, and put effort into it. Do not sit on two boats. Take decision. Stay grounded and focus on the positive. When optimism comes, deal with it, learn from it, and adjust your direction again for the same goal.

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