Ancient coins found in Mohenjo-daro what is origion of these coins

While surfing Facebook, the post came into my view about “Coins found at Mohenjodaro”. Some of the pictures I shared here were downloaded from Facebook. These are attributes of Mr. “Shekh Javed Ali Sindhi”. 

So, how did these coins end up in jars, mostly found in ancient mounds? That question came into my mind. But recently, I got answer answer

I am working in Dubai on these. So many Indian colleagues are working here. We already break our reality with our Indian heritage because our ancestors were Arabs. But these Tamil people still have the idea that their forefathers belonged to the subcontinent of Indo-Pak, and they have been living here since the Stone Age.

He told me that in the Tamil area, when people built their homes, in the foundation of the house, they buried the coins in jars. He told me it is an ancient tradition, but people still believe that it is a symbol of good luck. According to them, Devi Laskshami (the Goddess of Wealth) is always kind to the house, and prosperity will always stay at home. And this tradiation is still follow today. He told me that when the his father laid the foundation of their new home, they buried coins in the foundation of the house.

So these jars are a possible result of these ancient burials. Couple of years back, when I was keen to understand who were harapan and what their relation to us. during exploring the Amaba Kapi mounds in the old, present-day graveyard. Someone told me that while digging a grave, we found a coin jar.

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